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Teach You to Choose the Right Heat Transfer Paper (1)


Heat transfer is the most popular because the only special requirements are to use an inkjet printer and heat transfer paper. Once you enter to get into the business of making goods with transferred images, you must consider a lot. The biggest factor is the type of transfer process you will use. However, how exactly do you go about choosing that heat transfer paper?So, from now on ,follow this article,you will not confused any more.

sublimation transfer paper

The first thing is about the color of the product which you plan to transfer to .It plays a big role in the heat transfer paper that you use. You want to be sure that when buying the paper. That you are buying the paper meant for the color of the product you are transferring to, be they light or dark. You should also be consider whether you want the end result to have a glossy finish or just be matte colored. This can also affect the way that the transfer works on the product.

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Secondly,heat transfer paper is made for use in either ink jet printers or laser printers. So, it is important that you have the right type of printer. You cannot use another type of printer, just as you cannot use an ink jet heat transfer paper in a laser printer. This can cause the print to not come out right, which will make the transfer not work.

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