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Sublimation Printing on Garments

sublimation transfer paper 

Many people especially those started to do sublimation printing asked us “What can your sublimation paper sublimate for?”. The answer, the basic one, is fairly simple too, anything made of polyester fabric or with a poly coating. Where it becomes complicated is when the question morphs from simply “what can I sublimate” to “what kind of garments can I sublimate” or “what sells better sublimated hard goods or sublimated garments?” or the ever popular “I’m adding sublimation to my shop,  what sublimated goods should I offer?”.

Most markets like these goods garments, sweatshirts, polos, hats, socks,  you name it, they want it decorated.  In this market, hardgoods would not have as much appeal.  So, a lot depends on the make-up and preferences of your particular market.  You have to know that before deciding what sublimated items to offer.

sublimation printing on fabric

Sublimation can be a great method for decorating garments,  but it does have some limitations.The items to be decorated must be polyester only. Because sublimation dyes the fabric,  anything but a white garment will interact with and effect the color of the finished design.   

Sublimation also has no option for white ink,so it doesn’t work well on very dark colors.  All over sublimation is very popular,but it works best on fabric which is sublimated and then sewn into a garment.On the other side of the coin, however, sublimation dyes the fabric, so designs have no hand.Because designs are dyed into the garment, the design is also pretty much guaranteed to last as long as the garment does.There have also been great advances in the look and wearability of polyester garments,  so they are now much more attractive to consumers.

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