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The Difference Between Different Types of Sublimation Paper (2)

sublimation transfer paper and textile applications

High Release sublimation papers typically require much less time in the press to release the majority of their sublimation dye into the substrate. This decreases your production time, and can increase your margins. These papers work very well for lower dpi prints of artwork on fabrics or other “soft goods”, and may also provide slightly superior color transfer. You may also experience more instances of “blow out” on hard goods like ceramics and FRP, if the dye is released so quickly that the coating cannot absorb it at the same rate.  This class of paper may also be more susceptible to curling, printer jams, humidity, and other environmental issues.

sublimation printing process

Low or Standard Release papers usually have just the opposite properties.They dry very quickly, so there is never any issue with smearing, and they work very very well on all hard goods like ceramics and FRP with little if any “blow out”.  On the other hand, they require much more time in the heat press to get the dye out. Long amounts of time in the heat press can also cause yellowing or other damage to coatings and fabrics. 

There are a variety of hybrid papers out there, which run the gamut from the high release end with minimal smearing, to the low release end with more time required but better color.  In my opinion, hybrid papers are the best for all around use on all substrates.

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