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Is It Possible to Sublimate on Colored Fabric


 The process of prinitng

The answer is absolutely sure ,but actually,it’s not very good to sublimate on colored fabric and usually have some limitations. The reasons are as follows.
As is known to all, sublimation printers can only print CYMK, which excludes white ink. Also, sublimation ink does not transfer well on dark materials since it is not truly ink, but a semi-transparent dye. Because of this, the print is generally hard to see against a dark fabric as the colour of the fabric affects how the print looks like in the end. Same idea goes for printing on coloured paper. The lighter the colour of the fabric, the better the print result will be. 

sublimation printing for textile 
This works best for graphics that are black-only or printing on fabric that is off-white if you are particular about the colour results. 
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