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Adhesive sublimation transfer paper| Full Color Paper Industrial Co.,LTD

Sublimation transfer is to print the portrait, landscape, text or other graphics onto sublimation transfer paper through the inkjet printer with the sublimation ink,then heat it up to about 200 degree by using the heat transfer equipment.of course, good quality, good ink can make printing more vivid.

tacky sublimation paper for sportswear

As a Sticky Version with Tack, this specialty paper (usually called stick/adhesive sublimation paper) will adhere to the fabric during transfer which will eliminate ghosting or loss of details due to textile shrinkage or movements in the transfer process.

Therefore, it will help you reduce production errors and increase the quality of end products.

printing process

Features: No more defective substrates.(no cloudy patterns & no blurred images) Eliminate”ghosting issues” caused by paper shifting or fabric shrinkage. Reduce waste to an absolute minimum. Fast drying time as good as it get. Ideal for sportswear, garment, banner and flag manufacturers. Transfer rate is 95%

Applications:  Cycling clothes | Sportswear| Swimsuit and more elastic fabric an some without shrinking treatment fabric.Because the tacky is stronger,so the paper can firmly catch the fabric, so it can not have the double image in the producing.


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