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How Can We Tell What Product Is Suit To Dye Sublimation Printing

 subllimation transfer paper

As is known to all that heat transfer printing is the way to print human photos and kinds of personalised images onto sublimation blanks with sublimation ink and sublimation printing machine. As to transfer printing technology,we all know it well.It was brought to our country.


Personalised jewelry decorates:god rings,alloy plated pendants,ceramic imitate pendants,shell pendants,make up mirrors,metal pendants, alloy keychains,phone cases,iPad covers,and so on. Fashion jewelry series: Personalised puzzles ,personalised mouse pads,kinds of crystal jewelry,and The process to make sublimation products has no any pollution,finished products get a high pass rates.Images rich layers,brightly colorful.It could be setted by ten colors,strongly attached, vesub sublimation has tested it by times friction, could meet to international standards fully. 
Dye sublimation transfer printing and sublimation transfer paper was loved by many young people.Mainly reason to success owes to self chasing, creating personalisation.So,yo u can print the idol,love dcartoon,and personalised photos onto the items that you liked.For example, printing the unique personalised photos onto the daily necessities,cloths,and gifts.Then the customer groups who like the items will be more and more, business of course would be hot.So what products that sublimation transfer printing technology could be used to?
subllimation transfer paper


Sublimation transfer printing technology could be applicated for follow items: Personalised sublimation mug series:color changing mug,couple mugs,animal mugs,music mug,two-tone mug,mugs white,sport bottles, vacuum mug,and so on.Personalised plates:ceramic plates,moon light plates,metal plates,alloy plating plates, nickle plated plates.Personalised textiles:cultrue t-shirts,pillows,leasure bags,mouse pads.