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Why The Heat Transfer Machine Is on Hot


Nowadays,heat transfer machines have played an Irreplaceable role in the fabric printing industry since almost last century, and it has now become a vital part of the industry. Many people have such question: “Why would I print my design onto the sublimation paper, and then transfer this image to the fabric, when I can print the design directly onto the garment and skip the heat transfer step altogether?” It’s a logical question, but as you research the flexibility heat transfers can provide, you will understand.

heat transfer machine roll to roll 

Actually, to the most retailers, heat transfers provide better inventory flexibility by allowing you to transfer a given design onto any garment size, color or style without stocking hundreds of pre-prints. Plus, you don’t run the risk of having a slow moving design that may tie up your garment inventory. Most major retail chains favor heat transfers for the aforementioned reasons plus the fact that today’s screen-printed transfers are far superior to the heat transfers of the past!

heat transfer printing 

Besides,the roll to roll heat transfer machine is one of the popular star products,since it's multifuctional and have so many benefits.

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