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Dye Sublimation Printing Process And Its Benefits


Dye sublimation printing is a bit more complicated that standard inkjet printing. It has more steps, especially for certain items, and typically involves more labor which can raise the price. The process requires specific machine -- inkjet printers,roll to roll heat transfer machine ,special paper--sublimation transfer paper and dye sublimation ink.

To begin with,you may have recognized sublimation as a term from science lessons in school; sublimation is referred to as the process of changing a solid into a gas without it becoming a liquid.

sublimation  printing

Before the printing begins, the image you want on your item will be generated on a computer and then printed out on a specially designed transfer paper. During the sublimation process, the ink printed on the transfer paper will be heated at a high temperature until it becomes a gas. It will then be absorbed into the pores of the item being printed. The item will then be removed from the ink and allowed to cool, which will close the pores and trap the ink inside the item.

The final product will have an image with a smooth, photo-like finish and will not have any noticeable difference when touched. As the dye is now a literal part of the item, it will also not be able to crack or flake off.

sublimation transfer paper application

A dye sublimation printed product is going to look a lot better than a product that is printed with an inkjet printer. When you print something using an inkjet printer, the image is made up of thousands of tiny dots of color. With dye sublimation, it is one continuous image without gaps, much like a professionally printed photograph. The colors are also much brighter and vibrant, but this works best when the item base is a bright or “true” white.

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