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Advantage of Our Sticky Sublimation Transfer Paper - Full Color Paper Industrial Co, .Ltd.

We all know that the sticky sublimation transfer paper is mainly used on elastic fabric for sportswear like basketball jersey, football jersey, and racer jersey, etc.

tacky sublimation paper applications
And the well-known fact that the fabric is used to make sportswear must be very elastic so the athletes can move and stretch more easily and comfortably. For them That is a good news, but for every one of us in the sublimation business, its a problem that exactly existing.
When We transfer the image onto fabric Those elastic, it will move during heat transfer process, and causes the ghosting on the fabric. But the sticky sublimation paper from Full Color Paper Industrial Co, .Ltd. can avoid the problem absolutely .The reasons are as follows

The basic paper and coating we use to manufacture sublimation paper is the best, and that makes the surface of the paper more smooth, Which can lower the ink consumption and give you high transfer yield.
Same as our sticky sublimation paper, the stickiness on our paper will not release sublimation heat transfer process .But the stickiness of some sticky sublimation paper on the market will release before the process, and that would stick the sublimation paper together, and damage the sublimation paper.

sticky sublimation roll for sportswear
All that adds up Makes Full Color Paper Industrial Co, .Ltd. Has Its own stand in the market no matter how fierce the competition is.

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