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2016 New Style High Quality 45gsm Dye Sublimation Paper

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Full Color Paper Industrial Co.,LTD , a professional manufacturer of sublimation paper, (www.sublimationstar.com) has recently R&D a new type of Dye Sublimation Paper with weight of 45gsm. This low weight Sublimation paper is of thinner coatings on the surface than that of the normal ones. Below are some of the major features of this 45gsm Sublimation paper.

Generally speaking the ink we use might be determined by the print head in some degree. Different print head may require different inks. The new 45gsm Sublimation paper is suitable for Sublimation ink with high density, and is compatible with the ordinary ones at the same time. Both type of inks can achieve excellent printings.
Also,Floral printing or light color printing is thought to be the most ideal pattern of printing that can be printed on 45gsm Sublimation paper we offers, that is because such a thin paper under heavy load of inks might contribute to bad printing results, and even damage the print head if with complicated printings or dark color printings.

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Besides , 45gsm Sublimation paper should be used with roll to roll heat transfer machine, which can highly increase the transfer efficiency. And we usually have jumbo rolls to simplify the transfer procedure.
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