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New Research Shows Influence of Digital Textile Printing



These printing systems fall into two categories: dye sublimation printers and direct-to-textile printers.

Dye sublimation printing has been around for a long time, and is the most common type of digital textile printing system that delivers good image quality and a high degree of permanence to the printed image. Some of the leading companies in the wide-format digital printing market including Roland, HP/Scitex, EFI/VUTEk, Mimaki and Seiko Infotech have developed wide-format, dye sublimation printing solutions. Also, no consideration of the dye sublimation market would be complete without mentioning Sawgrass Technologies, a company that has spent many years developing sublimation inks for various markets, including textiles.

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Direct-to-textile printing systems are relatively new and generally based on modified wide-format graphic printing engines from companies such as Roland, Mimaki and Mutoh. According to the research, direct-to-textile printing systems are seeing considerable growth as imaging systems' image quality, productivity and feeding mechanisms have improved.

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The ultimate objective for manufacturers of printing systems, inks, textiles and software is to penetrate the garment industry, the third market. The garment industry represents a huge market opportunity because of the volume of materials, but it also represents the greatest challenge in terms of image quality, permanence and overcoming the existing manufacturing economics.

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