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The Development of The Printing -and-Cutting Heat Transferring(1)

Firet ,Let's have a look at the history of the cutting changement on apparel.Many years ago, vinyl cutting equipment crossed over into the apparel decorating sector from its sign making roots. The opportunity for a polyurethane- or PVC-based film product to be coated with heat-activated adhesive and mounted to a clear plastic carrier allowed decorators to "cut" a graphic, weed away the unwanted material, and heat seal a decoration to their fabric of choice. At the time, this innovation was groundbreaking and it still provides millions of opportunities for sales as an alternative to screen printing. At its simplest, vinyl-cut film for apparel is best suited for decorating jobs yielding fewer than 24-36 pieces, while screen printing provides a more cost-effective approach at higher quantities.

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In more recent history, innovation in equipment designed for the sign industry has provided another opportunity for fabric embellishment. The advent of wide-format digital printers, specifically a print-and-cut workflow, poses a new exciting opportunity: To print and cut a white- or clear-based film mounted to a paper backing and prepare it for heat application to a fabric. Just as digital printing revolutionizes the way signs are decorated, the same is happening in fabric applications, from bags to T-shirts. It provides a more cost effective approach than screen printing for multi-color graphics at quantities less than 24-36 pieces.

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And then ,let's have a talk with the specifics of the print-and-cut workflow for fabric embellishments change based on the printable heat transfer media that is selected. Most commonly, an opaque media is used for decorating dark fabrics, while a transparent media is used for light fabrics. For either application, the art set-up process is similar: Create the art in a vector graphics program, assign a custom spot color to the vector lines you want the cutter to recognize and execute a cut.

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