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Textile Printing Industry Needs Long-term Development for sustainable growth


India has always been strong in devising strategy but has always lacked in implementation efficacy. In the current government, we hear about lot of consolidated initiatives from all quarters – pumping up thrust on manufacturing, control on inflation, conducive climate for investments, dynamic decision making etc., to attain confidence of both Indian & International investors.

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From the textile point of view, the objective of increasing the export growth rate from 6-10% to 15-20% in next 5 years is commendable. The ministry seems to be clear on the short & long term objectives and developing strategies accordingly. Allocation of INR 26000 crores by the planning commission to textile ministry for overall schemes & continuation of TUF are welcome initiatives in the right direction. We also see thrust to increase exports of Textiles & Clothing to about USD 64 Bn in next 2 years by 2016-17. Textile & apparel export target of USD 300 Bn by 2024-25 is an achievable long term objective which is setting the pace for various initiatives.

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So ,seize this opportunity ,then we can better align the industry to the world trend, it can always be winner in the printing industrywhile also leading the fashion trend.Certainly,we must better produce the sublimation paper,better use the sublimation printing machine,better make use of the sublimation ink ,thats the key to success.

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