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Tell You The Difference Between Sublimation Paper and Heat Transfer Paper

We all know that it is widely used in thermal transfer market have the sublimation paper and heat transfer paper, but about how to distinguish the sublimation paper and thermal transfer paper, most people are not very clear. Below we discuss about this topic:

sublimation paper printing
Sublimation Paper: used for pure cotton fabrics, glass porcelain and so on, must be used with the sublimation ink, the principle is the printer will play to the sublimation paper pattern image, and then also use pyrograph machine high temperature to sublimation transfer printing ink on the fabric or on the glass with a coating, ink composition permeates the fabrics and coating, with the hand touch no touch! But pure cotton fabrics don't adsorption color.

And our sublimation papercan absolutely keep pace with the world-renowned brands,In terms of ink absorption,quick drying,curling and transfer rate,etc.

sublimation transfer paper application

Heat Transfer Paper :Actually,it always refers to the t-shirt transfer paper when it comes to heat transfer paper .Uaually,it is divided into inkjet (dark or light) and laser (dark and light) transfer paper. Inkjet light transfer paper is only used to the light fabrics (cotton content higher than 35%), and the dark transfer paper is used to the dark fabrics or light fabrics.All in all, this two type paper will more and more popular in the future, the market prospect is very good. 

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