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How Many Types of Photo Paper We Can Provide ?

There are such a wide variety of photo papers available for your inkjet printer that selecting a brand and type of paper can be mind boggling. Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of using matte, and glossy paper for your photos.

Glossy photo paper

Glossy papers generally offer the widest color range and best resolution, but they suffer from glare which can be a problem under certain lighting conditions.As you can see from the pictures.

high glossy photo paper

Matte photo paper

Matte paper is excellent for displaying photos such as large panoramas that must be displayed "naked" in an environment where light reflections can be an issue. Since you don't get any glare at all from matte papers, matte paper is a good choice for displaying a 4 foot panorama in a camera store under mixed lighting especially where the prints are displayed high on a wall and reflections from overhead lights can be a real issue. Matte papers are generally not as durable as semi-gloss (sometimes called luster) paper or glossy paper as handling of matte prints can sometimes cause abrasion marks similar to running your fingers across a suede or microfiber material. As a result, matte paper is not generally suited for prints that are to be handled in their naked state.

products by photo papers 

RC photo paper

RC Photo Papers  are high performance inkjet papers that offer superb imaging performance, quality and consistency across a range of weights and surfaces including Glossy, Satin and Silk, the latest coating technology,it has been introduced several days ago,if you're interested,pls click here --What Do You Know About RC Photo Paper

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