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You Should Learn More About Our Inkjet Sublimation Printing Technology


If you thoroughly understand inkjet sublimation, you may want to skip to the next page. If you don't know much about it,this page will help you learn what it will and won't do. 

The basic inkjet dye sublimation process uses a heat reactive sublimation dye ink,with a special paper named sublimation transfer paper, dissolved in a liquid, to print graphics and text onto special inkjet paper. This is called a dye sub transfer. The dye sublimation transfer paper and sublimatable items are then placed into a heat press machine.When the heating cycle is completed, the image on the paper has been transferred into the coating on the item and has actually become embeded into the coating. Run your finger across the surface of sublimation and you will feel nothing. 

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In the case of polyester, satin and some other synthetic fibers, the sublimation dye embeds into the fibers and becomes part of the fabric. Again, nothing is felt! 
The reason for this is that sublimation is always done on a polyester, polymer, or polymer coated item. At high temperatures, the solid dyes in the print converts into a gas without becoming a liquid. The high temperature also opens the pores of the polymer and allows the gas to enter. When the item is removed from the heat, the temperature drops, the pores close and the gas reverts to a solid state. It has now become a part of the polymer.  

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If you do everything correctly, it cannot be washed out or come off, unless the actual fibers or coating is damaged or re-heated.  And the sunlight can reactivate the process so over-coating hard items will give them a longer life. 
This is why Inkjet sublimation paper can't be done on natural materials, like 100% cotton. Natural fibers and non-coated materials have no "pores" to open and so the dye just sits on top of the fabric. Heat transfers are the  best way to imprint cotton and cotton-blend fabrics
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