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Sublimation Transfer Printing Technology Contributes To Sublimation Printer Sublimation Transfer Paper

For a long time, reports of dye-sublimation printers on media less and less, with the disappeared to describe is not an exaggeration, but the reaction of the market was very different, steadily pick up sales, unexpectedly.

I believe that everything has reincarnation, dying like film cameras for many years, and now nice view, many photographers came back to play in a circle, or feel the film the most flavor, but also the most playable.

Back to the camera's LCD screen does not, every time to wash shop to take photographs, the mood is always excitement and anticipation, but unfortunately, that feeling could not be found.
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Sublimation is a very special developing technology, it is the use of thermal energy is transferred to the pigment on the print medium, the print head of each color gradation is controlled by the temperature change, the maximum you can have 256 levels. Because the paint is applied by sublimation process gas to the sheet, and therefore mutual integration of the three primary colors can form a continuous gradation composite Levels of up to 24bit, the total amount of up to 16 million colors, compared to inkjet printers more real.Sublimation transfer printing results in the hot sale of sublimation paper.

Yellow, red, blue, which is our daily said the three primary colors, any other color can be blended by the three primary colors, dye-sublimation printer is through the tri-color mix to achieve a variety of color and color depth. However, dye-sublimation printing process, while the three colors are not printed, but the use of one color each time, by a combination of three of the print to a desired color requirements.
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It is also for this reason, the print media during the printing process, a total of three times to go through the printer, dye-sublimation printer makes printing process is relatively slow. After the third color, and a membrane attached process. That re-use of special materials in the three-color sublimation ribbon and attached to the paper, a protective film, the film is able to make sense of color is more bright and vivid, and have waterproof, anti-oxidation ability, greatly extended Photos of saving time, which is an inkjet printer can not be done.

Because there is no question of color dye-sublimation printer ink droplet diffusion, so the definition can achieve good, its 300 × 300dpi resolution inkjet printer precision comparable 4800 × 4800dpi, while the general market popular digital Output resolution Chongkuo machines mostly in 320dpi dye-sublimation printer so the output photo effects, and washed out very close.

On the downside, dye-sublimation printers use temperature control, it can only print one primary color, that each print a photo on photo paper must be entered three times, so in terms of speed, dye-sublimation printers can only be described as slow .

In the business field, black text output is the most important, but this is precisely the greatest weakness of the dye-sublimation printer, since it is the four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) solid pigment are mixed together, so black The purity is very low. In addition, dye-sublimation printers more delicate, particularly sensitive to dust, when the operating temperature is particularly high, especially when printing continuously.