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Dye or Pigment Ink ?Which One Is Better to Choose for Your Paper?(2)

A Twist

So that would be the end of the story but for some recent marketing efforts by HP and Canon. HP's Vivera ink dye system has been evaluated by Wilhelm Imaging Research and these tests indicate print life of over 100 years! Keep in mind that these are dye inks. So what is going on here? Its the paper. Forget what we said about paper in the pigment ink paragraph above. Paper is intimately tied to print life when using dye inks.

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The performance of the HP system is anchored to swellable polymer papers such as HP Premium Photo Gloss Plus. This media actually traps and swells around dye inks, insulating them from harmful atmospheric gasses - hence the protection against fade. If you use an HP with Vivera ink and choose not to use their very specific papers you should expect fade in a rather short period of time.

The Canon ChromaPLUS system is the same basic story. You will have to actively seek out and use swellable polymer paper in order to resist fading if you require more than 20 years fade resistance.

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To conclude, Full Color Paper recommends both dye inks adn pigment inks since each of them has differrent applications. Our independent fade testing, and the testing done by manufacturers, shows pigment inks to resist fade on many different types of media.

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