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Dye or Pigment Ink ?Which One Is Better to Choose for Your Paper?(1)

Many articles have been written about ink and paper, especially now that inkjet printing is becoming a dominant technology from the pro level down to the basic consumer. It seems that the articles we read are good, but usually leave out some important details. What follows is our knowledge on the differences between dye and pigment ink beyond the tehnical details - into what you need to know when deciding on a printer platform.

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The first question to ask is do you need the prints to last decades? Put another way, do you want the prints to last as long as a lab print? If the answer is yes, then you need pigment inks. They are designed to resist fading and will work on a wide variety of inkjet papers. Important note: The big secret in the paper business is that print life from pigment inks is more dependent on the ink than the paper! Despite what you may have heard, pigment inks have fade resistance as a base line characteristic. They don't magically become fade resistance by being sprayed on the right paper. We would be remiss if we dismissed paper completely. You certainly need to use a high quality sheet of coated inkjet paper for maximum print quality and detail. This paper should be certified to work with pigments and hopefully has an acid free base stock. Examples of pigment printers are the Epson R2880 and Canon Pro9500 MkII.

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Seeking for Functionality and Good Looks?

Don't need fade resistant prints? How about simply great color and detail? Dye inks are for you. They are designed for maximum brightness and color saturation. They will fade much faster than pigment inks. You might use dye inks to print portfolios, graphic design work, greeting cards, and business materials. Generally, you will pay less for a printer that uses dye inks. Some examples are the Canon Pro9000 MkII and the Epson 1400.

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