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(DIY)Do You Know How To Transfer Photos You Like Onto Pillows

First, something you'll need to prepare:

· Pillow

· Pillow cover

· Transfer papers

· Inkjet printer

· Iron

· Scissors

· Disappearing ink pen

· Embroidery floss

· Embroidery needle

And then ,you should know that the printing process is according to the instructions on the package,just as the picture following showed :

Trim off any excess  transfer paper around your image.

Lay the image out so that it is centered on the pillow cover.

Next, iron the transfer paper to the pillow cover.

Grab your disappearing ink pen and draw a border design around the picture.

Cut a length of embroidery thread and feed it through the eye of the needle. 

Keep stitching until you have made a border all the way around the image.

The disappearing ink should vanish within a few hours.

Now you can stuff the pillow into the pillow cover.

Certainly,if you have enough time and material ,you can print images onto many other things like caps,phone case,mouse pad etc.

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