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Roll Sublimation Paper For Heat Transfer

If you want to make sure the fabric printing what you are choosing is right and the type of fabric such as nylon and polyester instead of cotton. This type of printing process is the cheapest way to get high class prints and cost effective which let you done your whole printing at very less price. Inkjet heat transfer paper is the creative innovation in the printing industry that allows printing to be done on various surfaces. These papers are the best option if you need to get vibrant prints and wonderful designs on T-shirts, bags, ceramic mugs, tiles etc.
subllimation transfer paper

In terms of heat transfer paper,there are different types of paper using for different surfaces but the most type of paper is heat transfer paper that is usually available for dark coloured fabric and light coloured fabric. If you want the prints on dark coloured fabric then it is better to choose heat transfer paper which has been put horizontally mirror the image. The image will be putted on white background for the printing so that all the colours simply print on the fabric as they have to be. In the printing of dark coloured fabric the transfer paper for laser printers that has been used is usually transparent which cannot print the white background along with the printing of image. The fabric that has been printed with these laser printer transfer paperis not easy to wash. You need to follow some washing instructions once you get it print through this special paper so that image will stay for a long time.

subllimation transfer paper

Dye sublimation heat transfer paper is the other type of dye sublimation paper,which has been used for the printing of light or white coloured fabric. For dye sublimation printing only polyester fabric has been used or the fabric that is the mixture of cotton and polyester with the polyester percentage being at least 50%. Even you can use nylon as well for this type of printing. While you are engage in this type of printing make sure that the printer's cartridge will be filling with only dye sublimation ink. The basic benefit of this type of printing is that the printer ink will be transform into gas without going through the liquid stage. In this type of printing only special colours would be used such as CMYO instead of CMYK which do not allow creating shadow on the image. 


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