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Tell You More About Sublimaiton Printing Industry

Sublimation Printing is a very popular digital printing technique that finds tremendous usage in textile industry. Dye Sublimation paper is a critical element of creating quality sublimated items. Sublimation paper, like Beaver TexPrint XP sublimation paper, is coated so it will not absorb the sublimation inks and will release the sublimation inks from the sublimation paper easily with the use of a heat press.

sublimation  printing

And about the heat transfer paper,it  is definitely the carrier for the ink to be brought for your item; you wish it to function clearly and precisely. The paper requires to hold the image well and release the ink effortlessly.

heat transfer printing

When it comes to sublimation printing,you will think about the ink that we use in the printing process. Sublimation ink can print and transfer to coated media through thermal transfer device.With transfer machine and heat transfer paper, it is possible to transfer customized style to surfboard, all kinds of promotional gifts and artwork.

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