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What You should Know about Garment Marker Paper for Inkjet Plotter (1)

When We have spoken concerning the best matte cardstock and high papers for implementing with Copics, what about the rest of the papers available? Aren't there special marker papers made only for using with markers? Yes. There are lots of types, however these react very in a different way compared to steps I mentioned earlier for testing good papers. They are most likely not the very best for papercrafters, but are great for professional designers,vehicle designers, etc.

marker paper fro CAD plotter

arker Papers are usually thin, very smooth, coated papers that have little or no bleed through when used with alcohol markers.And CAD plotter paper used CAD plotter in garment industry. It can also be used on all garment pen and inkjet plotter machines such as AD Pen , Inkjet Plotter ,Garment CAD Plotter Lectra Plotter,Richpeace Plotter,Gerber Plotter etcfor handdrawing in garment industry.

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