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Advantages You Have To know Clearly About Sublimation Printing?(2)

Till now,i think you will be well aware of the dye-sublimation printing.Then,Why Choose Sublimation Printing?

about sublimation printing

Here are some lists about sublimation that you should have a look.

    •      Sublimation is one of the very few methods you can print full colored         images onto hard surfaces.
    • It has a relatively low learning curve compared with screen printing.
    • Almost unlimited colors to choose from. Thousands of colors can be produced with sublimation (even if you choose a 4 color printer). And it doesn’t cost extra to add additional colors to your design.
    • Same cost to print one item or 1000 items. So no need for minimum orders, and perfect for 1-up items and promotional items for small businesses, schools, charities, sports teams, parties, reunions, and many more!
    • Complete customization! The advantage of digital sublimation printing is that no plates are required, so it is ideal for customizing designs with changing elements such as names, numbers, etc.
    • Sublimation is quick and easy to produce, allowing for same day or same hour printing, as well as on demand printing that reduces risk and wastage.    
    • sublimation transfer paper roll

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