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How To Choose Dye Sublimation Ink For Heat Transfer Printer

 It's pretty important for us to comprehend what printers in market are best for their expert utilization. That is the reason recognizing the better photograph printer between a colour sublimation printer and an inkjet printing gadget is an incredible approach to teach photographers who are at a misfortune about this topic. This examination will serve as a photographer guide in making the most ideal choice in selecting dye sublimation ink for their printers.

Dedicated photograph printers is obvious differnt from broadly functional printers as they are intended to print photographs just, rather than content or graphics documents notwithstanding photographs. They are for the most part reduced in size and lightweight, and a few models even features batteries that permit you to print without the requirement for an outlet. Most photograph printers, including dye sublimation ink printers,such as heat transfer machine are fabricated around a thermal dye engine; however there is a couple of that facet inkjet technology.
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Sublimation ink is able to convert from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid form. Similar to dry ice. The conversion is initiated by heat and controlled with pressure and time. Learn more about sublimation printing.The sublimation ink is printed on sublimation heat transfer paper –This transfer paper does not have a coating on it. This paper has a special finish on the surface so the inks do not soak into the paper. Learn more about sublimation transfer paper.Using a heat press to apply the sublimation transfer to your product – After you print the transfer paper it is then placed on the product to be applied with a heat press. Heat presses come in many sizes and types. However, they all do basically the same thing, apply heat and pressure, based on a specific time for sublimation application. Learn more about heat press machines.

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The important point of dye sublimation ink you choose:
1) Sublimation is the process by which ink is permanently embedded into a substrate such as plastic, metal, wood, cloth, ceramic, leather, etc.

2) The sublimation process make us  print in multiple colors, with photographic quality imagery, up to 24" x 20" in short and long runs. Sublimation is much more durable than screen printing. Run your finger across the surface of sublimation and you will feel nothing.