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Revolution Of Digital Textile Printing--Jumbo Roll Sublimation Paper With MSJP4/5/6/7 Printer

Recent years,digital textile printing industry has undergone great changes,such as the exsitence of Reggiani high speed printing machine,MS Italy machine,etc.Furthermore,because of these high speed printing machine,there is a new trend in sublimation printing.Jumbo roll low weight sublimation paper is suitable for this high speed printing machine.
Jumbo roll sublimation transfer paper for MSJP5 Printer
The acquisition of MS-srl is the next in Dover’s strategy aimed at entering a growing segment where healthy profit pools exist, and where digital deposition of materials is an ingredient for success.  MS-srl fits well with the current range of offerings of Dover Printing and Identification Division, and the acquisition opens up a market where digital printing is expected to grow at double digit growth in the next five years. InfoTrend believes that over 450 million liner meters of fabric were digitally printed in 2013.MS-srl has a range of products for paper and textile printers aimed at varying range of production levels. The company’s family of paper printing products has a print width of 1.8 meters, and throughput ranging from 155 to 500 square meters per hour. MS srl’s textile printers range from 1.8 to 3.2 in print width; in terms of productivity, the company’s MS LARIO leads the industry with its maximum throughput of over 8,000 square meter per hour. Combined with finishing and feeding solutions and a deep understanding of customer needs, MS-srl’s digital printing systems are installed at many of the bigger textile producers in Italy and around the world.
sublimation transfer paper
Nowadays,digital printing with dye sublimation ink and sublimation paper is is rapidly expanding into new industrial and functional market segments. Textile printing is one of the markets that are growing rapidly with many vendors looking for opportunities to expand their reach both with strategic aligned technology as well geographic expansion into new countries. To that end MS-srl brings in knowhow of digital printing of textiles and Dover brings its international span, sales channel, and the ability to invest in market development that is sometimes out of reach for smaller companies such as MS-srl.