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All Over T Shirt Sublimation Printing With Sublimation Ink And Paper(1)

All over t shirt sublimation printing by dye sublimation ink and paper is a process that allow us to print over the entire area of a t-shirt. If you’re a t-shirt designer, you have probably already figured out that this ability to print everywhere will allow you to make truly unique custom t-shirts. If you want to create truly unique tees, you should consider sublimation.With the Dye Sublimation Transfer Process, you can print high quality digital images on a huge variety of items made of any material that is treated or coated or made of polyester. 

all over t shirt sublimation printing
The imprinting is accomplished using a printer, special transfer inks and paper and a heat press.web tension control is a great criteria to choose sublimation transfer paper.Roll-to-roll operation of the printer allows for a certain amount of tension control. Although the different types and makes of printers vary considerably in this regard, as a general rule roll-to-roll printing results in better process control than roll-to-sheet, in which the paper web is cut off immediately after the printing heads. Additionally, when the printed paper is processed from the roll in a transfer calender, conditions are ideal for the use of a lightweight paper.

all over t shirt sublimation printing

With the help of sublimation printing, All over sublimation on tee shirts is quickly emerging as one of the most popular types of printing methods due to the freedom it grants designers. Since the entire surface of the tee shirt can be turned into space for printing and design, a skilled designer can literally turn t-shirts into works of art. So how does this printing process work?This image is then transferred to your t-shirt using a special heating process to heat up the ink, which causes it to enter into a gaseous state. The gaseous ink then seeps into the fabric and dyes it. Printers can also turn ink into a gaseous state and apply it directly to the fabric without printing it on sublimation transfer paper first.