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What Is Heat Transfer And Sublimation Printing?

Both heat transfer and sublimation printing are perfect for smaller jobs but, jobs more than 20 pieces are perfectly obtainable. Heat transfers and sublimation are not meant to stand the test of time. Dependent on customer’s care when washing, products can last up to 20 washes.Heat transfers, or cad cut, is a process in which heat is applied to a plastic-based material in order to adhere a design to apparel. Cad cut is perfect for simple one to two color designs. There are no minimums but the more ordered, the lower the price per piece. If you have more than 12 pieces, we may recommend screen printing as an alternative to reduce your costs.
dye sublimation t shirt
High quality t shirt transfer paper can be used in the heat transfer printing process.The transfer paper allows us to offer customers low prices for short-run jobs that would be perfectly suited for screen printing. With use of the latest digital technologies we are able to get precise control of the heat levels and timing to achieve the best possible results. Using heat transfer is also a great way to eliminate any cracking to the printed graphic that may occur. Your custom apparel will be sure to stand out after getting printed at idesign.

sublimation transfer paper
Sublimation printing with dye sublimation ink and sublimation paper can help us print on light colors but, can’t print the color white. White polyester is the best option to achieve a full-color design. There are no minimums but the more ordered, the lower the price per piece.hen choosing sublimation, the customer must understand a 50% polyester, 50% cotton blend is the absolute minimum polyester requirement necessary for burning the image to the apparel. A 100% polyester piece of apparel is the best choice to ensure a long lasting product with a more crisp and vibrant image.