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Tips Or Tricks Of Dye Sublimation Ink In The Sublimation Printing(2)

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Dye Sublimation Ink:

1.Pros Of Dye Sublimation Ink:

-Permanent transfers that last as long as the garment/item

-Easy and fast set up and transfer process

-Transfers realistic full-color photographs and designs with high detail

-No texture of its own, easy to transfer on variety of coated items such as mugs coasters, mouse pads, ornaments and more

2.Cons of Dye Sublimation Ink: 

-High cost on inks

-Only compatible with 100% polyester or sublimation coated items that are white/light 

-Requires some design software/printer set up for proper color control

dye sublimation ink
We can see some common materials ,such as polyester fabric, hardboard, plastic and even metal materials like aluminum and stainless steel can hold moisture! What happens when there is moisture on a substrate? When water is heated it turns into steam vapor which starts to escape upward – however, since dye-sublimation ink also turns into a gas, the steam vapor from the areas that have even the smallest amounts of moisture clash with the sublimation gas which can prevent a full and consistent transfer. In really bad results, you would have a finished transfer that looks like a watercolor-painting-gone-bad, but most of the time, the result is some blotchy spots throughout the transfer and faded/streaky areas.
sublimation sports clothing
Pre-pressing is done by placing the item in the heat press (without the printed transfer on it), covering it with a protective sheet such as silicone or Teflon to avoid scorching or getting it dirty. Only a fraction of the time is necessary, generally about 10-20 seconds for most items. The temperature and pressure should follow the recommendations for the particular item. If you see steam, that is a sure sign there is moisture. With larger or more expensive substrates, we recommend pre-pressing closer to the full amount of time per the instructions to avoid potential failed results. For additional protection, you may use a layer of polyester fabric which will wick away the escaping moisture. Allow the item to cool before moving onto the actual transfer to avoid sublimation being activated too soon which can result in ghosting (blurriness).