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What Is Digital Sublimation And Dye Sublimation Clothing Printing?

Sublimation is one of the way we can print full colored images onto hard surfaces.In addtion,we can print onmugs,glasses,garment,fabric,textile,etc.Dye Sublimation of clothing is a digital printing transfer process which involves paper, ink, heat and polyester fabrics.Sublimation transfer paper is printed using a digital printer with digital images, with a heat sensitive ink.The paper is laid on top of cut pieces of polyester fabric (or an entire roll of fabric) and rolled through a high heat transfer press.

dye sublimation socks
Sublimation process changes the color of the actual fabric; and does not sit on the surface of the fabric, like in traditional Screen Printing. You have access to unlimited colors. That’s why we can achieve our signature Spectral RGB Art color pallet on clothing.Better garment feel and durability. No Cracking and fading of ink.Sublimation printing also enables the production of “all over prints,” which is a designers dream; allowing designs to extend across the whole garment.

dye sublimation sweatshirt
Do u know If Dye Sublimation printing with dye sublimation ink can suit other Synthetic Fabrics, Blends or Organic Fibers.Organic fibers will not bond with the ink; they only lay on the surface and will wash out after a few washes. Other synthetic fabrics will bond with the ink, but yield in poor color results, do to weak molecular bonds. Polyester makes the strongest bonds with the ink, yielding in the best color. Polyester blends result in a vintage look, looking slightly faded; sometimes this may be the desired result. Here at Jumbie Art, we go for the richest saturation of color we can find by using the best quality polyester fabrics.