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What Is All-over Sublimation Printing Technique With Dye Sublimation Ink?

All-over Sublimation Printing Technique can be considered as “fabric-imaging” at its best. Think you’ve never seen something that’s been sublimated before? Think again, many of the colorful leggings and tanks that you see on our website and in the market today are sublimated apparel.Sublimation printing offer the most versatile fabric printing application available today. With sublimation printing by sublimation transfer paper and dye sublimation ink, you are able to print as many colors, shades, tones as you want. This is great news for painters like Jo Klima(above) or digital artists like Android Jones (below), both of whom have an amazing amount of detail and color in their work.

dye sublimation printing
Why so many people choose the dye sublimation printing?That is because  it opens up a whole world of possibilities.  In our design tool you can choose to upload your own art as an all over print, mix sublimation screen print techniques, and have opportunities to mix different fabrics within a garment design. (For instance, you could print on just the front of your tee shirt, or on the underside of your polo collar).  Our goal is to give you the greatest flexibility we can for your small batch clothing collections!The right combination of heat and pressure yield a bold, colorful print that is permanently pressed onto the top layer of the fabric.

dye sublimation ink

The print maintains a smooth appearance and soft hand feel. The garments are typically printed into the shape of the specific pattern piece, and then cut from the fabric before being sewn together at the factory.  This is the best way to create an all over print for your garment designs. In addition, you are able to easily engineer your print to look exactly the way you want it for each pattern piece.

sublimation transfer paper

As a matter of fact,sublimation printing is different from from screen printing.  In typical screen printing- each color is applied to the garment in different stages and then set with a heat dryer. Screen prints are limited to the size of the screen, and usually used for placement printing only. Screen prints can sometimes feel like a plastic, or have a raised appearance.  With Sublimation, all of the colors are digitally printed onto a large format paper.  (Think of it as huge inkjet printer).  This paper is then “heat pressed” onto the face a fabric via a roller or flat bed machine.