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Learn Basic Information Of Dye Sublimation Printing(2)

Sublimation blank is one of the more application in sublimation printing.You can also transfer onto 100% white polyester fabric or fabric-topped items. You cannot sublimate onto cotton or dark fabrics -- colored garments can be sublimated onto, but bear in mind that since the ink is slightly transparent, your transfer/image will take on the shade of the shirt color below it, and may result in a poor result. There are sprays on the market designed for home users to coat their own items to be sublimated upon, but in our testings we have not found the results to be consistent in coverage or durability.

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Sublimation ink can be divided into two varieties:Artainium and SubliJet sublimation ink.What is the main difference between them?Artainium ink requires an ICC profile, which is a color correction profile. Sublijet inks require a power driver. The power driver is already written to create the correct col orl profile in your system and does not need a specific design program to be used, making it much easier for beginners. The ICC profile will need to be installed and set up before use and MUST be used with a design program that allows you to manage the colors, such as Illustrator, Photoshop or CorelDraw.
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Cartridges and bulk ink systems are two different set-ups for Epson printers.Cartridges are easy to install and maintain, whereas the bulk ink system allows you to use much more ink before needing to replace the bulk bags. Bulk systems are meant for heavy sublimation users and cartridges are more popular with light to medium users. Regardless of the type of ink set up you are using, it is important to note that sublimation ink is different than inkjet ink and should be used on a daily basis. If not, the ink may clog and require printer head cleanings or head flushes.