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60gsm Jumbo Roll Fast Dry Sublimation Paper For High Speed Printer

Sublimation transfer paper has wide application,today,we will introduce you about 60gsm fast dry jumbo roll sublimation paper,which is suitable for high speed printer,such as MS JP 4/5/6/7 printer.What's more,regardless of weight,type and size,all sublimation paper can make gifts, photo souvenirs with corporate logo,Souvenirs for promotions, exhibitions, presentations,business souvenirs.This important sostavlyuschaya any holiday, both for companies and for individuals. It is important to not just give a gift, you need to stand out among others.

sublimation transfer paper
To our suprising,we can make sublimation products such as mugs,plates,t shirts,caps, aprons, pillows, puzzles, mouse pads, metal plates, coffee sets, lighters, key rings, watches and others with dye sublimation ink and sublimation paper by sublimation printing process.As is known to all,sublimation technology uses a chemical process in which the transition of ink from the liquid the gaseous state, thereby the dye penetrates deeply into the structure of the layer surface.

sublimation transfer paper
With the help of dye sublimation printing technology,60gsm jumbo roll fast dry and anti-curl sublimation transfer paper is the most important part of this process. Their importance can be estimated from the fact that these are used to take the prints of the computer aided designs. These are available in a wide range of specifications.These find tremendous usage in various industries like printing, textile, etc.In this technology, the computer aided prints get directly imprinted on the transferable paper. From this, transferable paper, these prints gets imprinted on the fabric with the help of industrial heating and pressure techniques.