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Sublimation Digital Printing With Dye Sublimation Ink And Paper

Dye sublimation is a printing technique that applys dye sublimation ink and sublimation transfer paper.This dye comes in the form of a ribbon, which is converted into a diffused gas when heat is applied; the dye is absorbed by a special receiving layer on the paper.The print head heats very accurately to various temperatures, creating different shades of colour based on the amount of heat applied. The print head is capable of producing 256 levels of each colour (cyan; magenta; yellow), and creates a total of 16.77 million true colours by combining the three primary colours.The dye layers are then sealed into the paper and the image is protected against UV light, fingerprints, and even water.There is no smudging, running, or blotching because your prints are dry and ready to touch as soon as they leave the printer.

sublimation garment
Dye sub printing also doesn't come cheap (especially if you decide to do the finishing in-house as you will need to splash out on sewing machines, trimmers and welders). But industry experts anticipate that the market will continue to enjoy considerable growth over the next few years, so if you've not already made the move into dye sub it's worth giving it serious consideration as petrol forecourt owners, retailers, financial service groups, events organisers are all crying out for soft signage at the moment, so those printers who take the plunge now look set to gain first mover advantage.
sublimation shirt
All-over sublimation printing is a popular technique that eliminates the issues of fabric color and white imaging. With this process, an image is created that covers the garment’s entire surface from edge to edge. It may simply be a graphic on top of a solid background or perhaps a large logo (think licensed apparel). When applied to a white garment (only),it creates the desired color for the shirt, while applying an image at the same time.