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Inkjet Iron On T-shirt Transfer Papers For Light Colored And Dark Garment Fabrics

Generall speaking,light t shirt transfer paper is suitable for transferring light colored fabric or white colored fabric,dark t shirt transfer paper suit for dark garment.Not all transfer papers are created equal.  In fact, the differences vary greatly.  Some companies continue to produce T-shirt transfer papers with older technologies to keep prices down.  The greatest concern with these type of transfer papers are washability and longevity.  Nothing is more aggravating than washing a shirt with that great design you just applied and have it "wash out". Most inkjet printers do a good job with iron on transfers. Printers that use a pigment based ink will offer superior results when it comes to longevity.  You may have expereinced leaving an inkjet photo in the sun only to have it fade quickly.

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The photo was printed with a water based ink.  The same can happen with your T-Shirt print.  For best results, use pigment based inks.T-shirt transfer paper for white or light colored fabrics cost less then material made for dark fabrics.  We always feel it is important to keep your costs down.  The technique for applying to white or light colored fabric is slightly different than using opaque transfer paper.  You will need to mirror or reverse your image when printing.  Most publishing software includes this feature.  This feature is also found in most printer drivers.  You can use our Quick n Easy or Soft n Easy on cotton or cotton / poly blends.   T-shirt Transfer Paper is your choice for decorating dark fabrics.  Print your design as you normally print (not in mirrored or reverse mode) and iron onto the fabric.  Our Printz line of opaque is perfect for decorating all those dark colored shirts, jeans sweatshirts and more.Of course, you can decorate t-shirts, but are there other possibilities.

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The answer is a resounding yes.  Look at wearables such as caps, scarves, bandanas, sweatshirts, denim and much more.  Standard rule of thunb is if it can be iron on a cotton setting, you can transfer to it. Other fabric ideas are quilts, pillow cases, sheets, shoes (canvas deck shoes ie.)Use can also use transfer paper on wood!  Simply iron it onto your wood project before you varnish or clear coat.