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Fabric Lamps Sublimation Printing With Dye Sublimation Ink And Sublimation Paper

Recently,I have found an interesteding printing technology and wide application of it.That is dye sublimation printing,we know dye sub printing can apply garment,mug,hard material,digital textile printing,however,to my surprice,sublimation transfer paper can be used for fabric lamps.

sublimation transfer paper

In the following text,we will tell you how to make sublimated fabric lamps with dye sublimation ink and sublimation paper.First of all,download from computer with sublimation transfer paper and printing it into fabric.To begin sewing, lay two pieces with right sides together and pin along one edge. I put pins 3/4 of an inch from either end as markers for where to start and stop sewing. You will need the very top and bottom to remain open so that later you can turn it right side out and fit it over the lamp post. Once the first two pieces are sewn, continue matching piece by piece with like sides together, pinning and sewing until you have made it all the way around the lamp. There will be six seams. Fortunately, these fold up like an accordion as you move to each new section, so you'll find it easy to keep extra fabric out of your way while you are pinning and sewing.The next step is to clip the seams so that when you turn the "balloon" right side out you will have nice, smooth seams. Now it's time to assemble your lamp. After screwing 1 nut followed by 1 washer onto one end of the threaded lamp pipe, stick it into the top of the fence post cap. Tighten a second nut on the underside of the fence post cap.Then adhere the 4 vinyl feet to each corner of the base. This will make the lamp more stable and will also create clearance for the cord. Once you have your fabric base anchored on the lamp pipe, make sure that the stuffing is even and full. When you are happy with it, sew the top closed using a running stitch in a circle near the top. By tightening your thread, you'll close the top. 

sublimated fabric lamps
In addition,with the washer in place at the top of the lamp, screw on the base of the light fixture socket. Push the cord up through the base and out through the socket cap at the top and tie what is called an underwriter's knot. There are two screws on either side of the socket. Loosen these screws slightly. Wrap the ribbed wire around the silver screw and the other wire around the brass screw. Tighten with a screwdriver.Pull the extra wire back into the lamp and snap the socket down into the cap and you are done!