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Canvas Bag Dye Sub Printing with Dye Sublimation Ink and Paper

Have u heard a item called"Inkjet photo transfer project"?If u have not heard this subject,I think you must hear the canvas bag.We can transfer our own image photos onto canvas with sublimation transfer paper,which is a special gift for birthday or other festival.

canvas sublimation bag
Sublimation is a process by which the ink used is imprinted on the piece of cloth through the application of heat. In this dyeing method, the color is first turned into gas with the help of heat and pressure.t is then infused into the polyester fabric. This embossing of the color over the cloth material results in t shirts and other apparel that truly stands out in their striking appearance. Merchants who are into manufacturing apparel use innovative methods to produce clothes with the best effects.

inkjet heat transfer paper

The colors that are imprinted by using sublimation process look more vibrant and unlike the shades used in cotton clothes that fade after a couple of washes, they retain their shine and appeal 
In order to finish this task,you need inkjet heat transfer paper,canvas,wood photocopy(mirror image).Then,Apply a generous coat of glossy inkjet transfer paper to the canvas (I painted the canvas a lime green).Place your photocopy face down on the inkjet transfer paper and smooth gently to adhere well and remove all air bubble.The following procedure is the following: Allow the inkjet transfer paper to dry completely for about an hour. Then dampen the back of the photocopy with water and use your fingers to rub all the paper off.The image will be left behind! Now you can seal it, paint over it endless possibilities!