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Textiles Application and White Paper Material inkjet sublimation paper

Sublimation heat transfer paper is used to transfer images to special processed chemical fiber,  polyester,  cotton content below 40% blended fabrics,mugs, banner , flag , ribbon , bags , cloths , ceramic , glass ,name plates, lanyards, mouse pads, license plates.Transfer rate depends on the ink residue on the paper . Come near Netherlands jetcol paper. Our clients is testing our sublimation paper transfer rate.How to storage sublimation paper? Transfer paper storage conditions: waterproof, fire prevention, avoid light, pay attention to seal when not in use.

sublimation transfer paper
It is well-known to all that sublimation paper is use for digital printing on Polyester, Nylon, Polyurethane, etc. And heat transferring on metal, porcelain, plastic, carpentry, etc. materials with coating. It can be printed on T-shirts, porcelain, clothes, glass and textile, decoration, outdoor advertising, gift field, fabric industry, portrait industry, label and card industry.
sublimation transfer paper
Tips for usage:

1. It is not suitable to transfer dark garments and ceramic.

2. It can be used to transfer 100% polyester fabric , coating ceramic, iron plate and wood.

3. Do keep object's surface clean.

4.Do not operate with the laser printer and the printer in sublimation ink, like HP and Cannon printer.

5. Must use the sublimation ink.

6. Best transferring time is 10~15mins after printing.