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Introductions of China Quality Inkjet Transfer Paper

As the economy and science develop quickly,heat transfer become a comnon item in our life.In more case, heat transfers are applied into the t shirts we wear ,which can make us feel comfortable ,soft ,what the most importanti that it will be soften up further after the first wash.Heat transfer paper we know is usually divided into sublimation transfer paper and t shirt transfer paper.Heat transfer paper is  easy-to-use, which is often used in image by transfering technology, and it won't bleed and images remain sharp and crisp. These transfer paper can work on all fabrics, from tight weaves such as the top of mouse pads orshirts to heavy materials like tote bags.

subllimation transfer paper
However,waht is pros of sublimation transfer printing?Sublimation printing is that the dots of ink that comprise the image can be any color, as opposed to inkjet printing which is limited to the colors of ink that are installed in the printer.This yields an accurate replication of the original image. As a result,if you want to transferring photographs or other detailed images onto fabric,Choosing the transferring techinique is a perfect choice.

Dye sublimation paper is a special kind of paper whose type are the shortest application time and produces a professional matte finish. A matte finish is most desirable/popular for shirts, mouse pads,caps, etc. Cold peel transfers take much longer time to complete and produces a shiny finish ,which is not recommended for mouse pads because it leaves the surface tacky (sticky). If you want a shiny transfer finish on shirts you can achieve this with Heat transfer paper.

subllimation transfer paper

Dye sublimation paper has been printed in a different format in which dyes has been used instead ink like inkjet printers or laser jet printers has been used. Inkjet printers are usually use CMYK colour spectrum whereas in dye sublimation printing CMYO colour dye sublimation ink spectrum has been used where the O represents a clear overprint which becomes black when exposed to the heat and pressure.