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1. What is the sublimation transfer paper?

sublimation transfer paper

Sublimation transfer is to print the portrait, landscape, text or other graphics onto the inkjet paper which is specially used for sublimation transfer through the inkjet printer which is with the sublimation transfer ink, then heat it up to about 200 degree by using the heat transfer equipment, to make the sublimation transfer ink on the sublimation transfer paper sublimated and substrates into the medium, in the end, the colored images on the transfer paper can be vividly transfered to the textiles, mugs, ceramic plates, metal and other materials, it is a new technology.

The common Specification of sublimation transfer paper

Withth: 210mm, 420mm, 610mm, 914mm, 1118mm, 1600mm, 1620mm (can be customized according to clients' request)

common size of flat sheet: A4 (210MM*29.7MM), A3

Suitable printer: ESPON; Mimaki; Roland

2. The products which are suitable for us?

Common inkjet printer: Epson: C65、830u、R210、R310、R800、1520K、EX3、1290、2100、Lenovo:CJ100 and so on.

Wide-format inkjet printer: Epson 3000、4000、4000HS、7600、9600、10600;Roland、Mutoh、Encad、Mimaki and so on.

3. Should use special sublimation transfer ink?

Had better use the dye-sublimation transfer ink which is made by the dispersed dyes, under the transfer temperature the ink will produce sublimation and transfer to the substrate, good quality dye-sublimation ink not plug nozzles, color fidelity and  stability.

4. Adjusting the right color density?

Firstly, adjusting the right color density in the computer, to avoid from the too much ink and difficult to dry, after adjusting, it needs check the sublimation effects.

5. Adjust the right pressing temperature and time?

The temperature range of heat transfer: 180-230 degrees, the time is about 10-30 seconds, before mass transfer, should make small test to determine the optimal transfer parameters.

6. The heat press side must be close when heat transfer?

 When it is in transfer, heat press surface, transfer paper and surface of substrate must be close, can not have the gaps, otherwise it will make the transfered graphics blur.

7. Advantages of sublimation transfer?

 By using the sublimation transfer paper, the surface of the substrate is without film, therefore, the feeling and visual effects are all far superior to the common ink and transfer paper, it is colorful, not crack, etc. it can be used for making the banners, glassware, ceramic, mugs and so on.

How to judge the sublimation transfer paper:

 1. Transfer Rate:

Transfer rate is a fundamental performance of the sublimation transfer paper, it is the difference between the ordinary inkjet paper, good transfer rate can make the transferred substrate more beautiful and save more ink. At present, there are not the testing standard of transfer rate in China, and there are not the corporate standard in the domestic manufacturer of transfer paper, but we can say, less color left on the transfer paper after transferring, the transfer rate will be more higher.

2. Ink Compatibility

 The transfer paper is required to adapt to all kinds of ink as soon as possible, and make the coating of sublimation transfer paper have the appropriate solubility on various sublimation ink, the ink pattern on the transfer paper can not only reflect finely, but also transfer through the coating  and cause the low transfer rate.

3. The drying Rate

 At present, the leading manufaturer of sublimation transfer paper in the world, their drying rate as follows: