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Why Dye Sublimation Printing With Dye Sublimation Ink For Fabric Printing Is The Best?

In terms of the methods for fabric printing,we should thinks of three printing methods,Direct inkjet printing, screen printing, and dye sublimation.Each method will get the job done, but facts such as application, duration of use, indoor or out door, size, quantity, colors used, budget and others should determine what is the best method for the specific project.

sublimation transfer paper

What is direct inkjet printing for fabric?It is an option for small quantities and indoor applications.Screen printing or litho should be looked into when printing larger runs and can be more economical if art is 1, 2 or, 3 color. If the art is a photo image there will be a noticeable screen dot in the reproduction. This is usually not a great option for beauty or fashion, but may be acceptable for other industries or promotions.

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Dye sublimation printing with dye sublimation ink and sublimation transfer paper for fabric has two major advantages.The one advantage is that dye sublimation printing can offers the best quality image reproduction and the most durable. Another great advantage is the wide range of fabrics available to print. Printing on sheer fabrics create a great look. The maximum width for dye sub printing is 10' and length can go much longer. Quality can vary among different suppliers, the technique and skill has major input in quality.There is truly an art and skill in producing great printed fabrics. For those who are not familiar, dye sub is printing on paper and then heat transferring on to fabric.Tricks of the trade are the speed of the printing and transferring and the degree of heat used in the transfer.The inks are fused into the fabric opposed to sitting on top of fabric as in inkjet or screening. This gives the fabric a softer touch. It also makes the fabric more durable as it can be washed and steamed. Some great applications can be custom pillows, couches, curtains, table runners, and many more. Fabric banners are also a great look for in store or window display, exhibition graphics, showroom graphics and events.