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Textile Digital Printing With Dye Sublimation Ink

Dye sublimation ink is known for its wide application,which can be printed and transferred onto various coated media using heat transfer machines. We provides 4 color, 6color and 8 color sublimation ink for piezo-electric printers such as Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland or Epson. Our sublimation ink can be transferred to bags, coated mugs, tiles, caps, tents, banners, T-shirts, stamps, art and gifts. 
dye sublimation ink

What is the featture of our sublimation ink?-Super black, Color sharpness, high resolution.-High transfer rate, vivid transfer image.-Print on plain paper or professional sublimation transfer paper.-Good scratch resistance and washing resistance.-Suitable for all piezo-electronic printers.-Ensure no color difference between different batches-Protect printhead, no clog nozzle.

dye sublimation ink application
When it comes to the dye sublimation ink,we will think of sublimation transfer paper,as we all know,sublimation paper must be printed by dye sublimation ink.From carpets to clothing, from home textiles to banners: many modern designs would simply be impossible to realise without sophisticated textile printing techniques.The major textile producing nations of Asia, including China, Pakistan and India, are starting to integrate this technology more intensively into their production processes.