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Introduction About Heat T Shirt Transfer Paper And Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper

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Most of the photo printers, which include dye sublimation printers built around a thermal dye engine that is different from the inkjet printers. This type of printers is used in graphic arts and photographic applications. But the unique about these printers is only dye sublimation paper and dye sublimation ink have been used in dye sublimation printers or for digital printing.

What we should know is that sublimation transfer paper require the artwork to be printed in reverse. This is because of the mirroring effect when you lay the transfer paper down with the printed side facing the shirt. If you were to print it normally and place the printed side down onto the shirt the design would be backwards. Sublimation heat transfer papers will be made for inkjet printers and it's  hot peel. This simply means that the backing will be peeled while hot.

The most common question I hear as a customer service specialist is “what is your best transfer paper?” Actually, all of the papers we offer are of excellent quality. What an individual needs to ask him or herself is the following: Am I using an inkjet, laser printer or copier; Am I transferring to dark or light garments; What do I want from the transfer? Some paper produce more vibrant colors, such as GETWIN PAPER, and some produce a transfer that is softer and stretchier, such as GetSwin. There is also a paper called ImageClip, which eliminates the weeding process (having to remove excess transfer material from around the image before pressing to the garment)

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Inkjet heat sublimation transfer paper would be the inventive innovation within the printing business that allows printing to become done on different surfaces. These papers will be the ideal option if you need to get vibrant prints and fantastic designs on T-shirts, bags, ceramic mugs, tiles and so on. If you would like the fabric printing then ensure that you are picking right sort of fabric for example nylon and polyester instead of cotton. This sort of printing process is the cheapest strategy to get high class prints and expense helpful which let you carried out your entire printing at pretty much less value.