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What Is The Advantages Of RC Photo Paper

When we buy photo paper,there is a question confuses us that how to  choose the best photo paper,I think the first thing we should take into consideration is that ow you want your pictures to look.Various manufacturers make paper that is specifically created for inkjet photo printers, but they vary in quality, material, and price. So regardless of what paper brand you choose, there are a few things you can look at that will help you determine how your prints will look in the end.
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High glossy inkjet photo paper with sticker is a kind of cast coated paper of a bright white and glossy surface with high brightness and whiteness for photo paper,text printing,home or office use, consumer and professional output, advertisement. It has good compatibility with pigmented inks and the images on this paper will dry super fast. 

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RC Photo paper can be scaled down considerably by using low-grade paper fiber because they have little consequence on the final product. The disadvantage of using RC paper is the lower saturation levels that it sometimes reflects. Also, because of the consistency in quality, photos may look clinical and bland when compared to photos developed on a high quality fiber based paper.