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Sublimable Ceramic Mugs With Dye Sublimation Ink And Sublimation Paper

Sublimation ceramic mugs are one of the top products in the world of sublimation because they are so easy to customize, economic and with original design is the perfect gift for any age.The sublimable plastic cups together all these features but also added the advantage of durability: they are much harder to break. And this makes them the perfect product for families with children, kindergartens, children's restaurants, swimming pools, etc. In this post we will explain how to customize plastic cups.

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Sublimation plastic cups made by dye sublimation ink and sublimation transfer paper is very similar to ceramic cups, and will be useful to read our previous post on how to make personalized photo mugs. Ceramic mugs feature a special polymer coating to allow sublimation. But sublimable plastic cups are made of polymer and require no special coating. In making the sublimation ink penetrates the material of the cup making sure that you get the highest quality images.

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For professional sublimation transfer paper manufacturer, the only difference is that in plastic cups is necessary to use an aluminum mold. This mold or aluminum last prevent the heat of the iron or oven deformed cup. Although the drafting process appears to be more expensive, you only need to purchase a mold or two, that reutilizarás each time.Sublimation system opens a wide field of synthetic printing, ceramics, glass and metal textile products, which can be achieved prints with exceptional color quality.Spain TheMagicTouch includes in its offer a selection of special brackets customized by sublimation. Articles have to sublimate ceramic, metal, glass and methacrylate and a wide range of media specially treated synthetic or Sublimation as technical clothing, wallets and purses, bags, mouse pads, cushions, coasters textile base, etc.