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100 High Tacky Sublimation Paper For Swimming Wear And Sportswear

Sticky or tacky sublimation paper is suitable for inkjet printer sublimation ink,which has Perfect color perspective and expression,hence,we can Use heat transfer machine to transfer the photo on fabric and other materials.100gsm high tacky sublimation paper is typical of tacky sublimation paper,which can suit for : EPSON,ROLAND, MUTOH, MIMAKI and other models.

sublimation transfer paper

Description of sticky sublimation transfer paper:

-High quality sublimation sticky transfer paper-Suitful stickiness on surface of transfer paper.

-Removing the shadow effect.

-Stable coupling of transfer paper-Best color performance by 95% transfer rate

-Mainly applied to fabric, like sportswear, cycling jerseys .

dye sublimation ink

100gsm/120gsm High tacky sublimation paper has an adequate volume of stickness on the whole paper surface which couples stably the fabric and sublimation paper while heat pressing process.One of our tacky sublimation transfer paper is that it can apply for varieties and small amount production.With sublimation paper and dye sublimation ink,you can  transfer your favorite pictures and images to full cotton and other textiles to make exquisite products.What's more,regardless fast dry sublimation paper or tacky sublimation paper,all of them can print characteristic t-shirts, hats, gym suits, sweater bags and many other things.