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Dye Sublimation Photo Print For Shirts, Bags

According to our popular products :T-shirts, mouse pads, tote bags and mugs,we can make conclusion that they are compatible with sublimation printing for you to consider. Next time you want to create a gift or keepsake from a photo image or artwork, give us a call and we'll help you create the perfect product for any occasion.
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Professional dye sublimation printing in Mesa,Gilbert, Chandler AZTower Media Group can print your photo or artwork image on a variety of product with no required minimum. That's right, if you only want one shirt, one tote bag or a single mug. we can print it for you! This dye sublimation print technology yields vivid color and amazing print quality on a variety of products.
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What is dye sublimation printing technology? Sublimation printing uses heat to open the pores of polyester based textiles and products to accept sublimation dye that converts to a gas.While the poly pores are open the gas enters and fills the material with dye. As the product cools, the dye literally becomes a part of the material. Unlike screen printed images, a sublimation print will last as long as the material does. You literally have to wear out the material to see any deterioration in image quality.To our surprisingly,dye sublimation is not an ink on surface printing process.