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Why Sublimation Paper And Ink Are Best For Your Custom- Designed Apparel?

What to look forward to the market or future of sublimation fashion?"Sublimation" is the recent buzz word in textile industry. Some garment manufacturers call it dye sublimation printing or in short, dye-sub. But no matter what you name it, the fact is that sublimation printing is a flexible, digital printing technique. So, you can spread your wings, water your designing thoughts and customize every cloth the way you like. The world of opportunities now opens up for choosy customers.

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Sublimated digital printing method by sublimation ink and sublimation paper is often used in team brander uniforms and sportswear.Players need robust clothing to tap with adverse climate conditions. Keeping this in consideration, most of the suppliers sports clothing are manufactured by dri-fit technology and sublimated printing. So, sit in the designer’s chair and start designing your team uniform. You can select from the predefined designs, or create your own. Get the liberty to apply any color you desire. If you want little guidance, the expert designing team is always there to lend its helping hand.

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With the time passed away,we can find sublimation printing technology has increasing popularity in sportswear.The basic requisite for sports clothing is that it should provide the athlete with utmost comfort even in adverse weather conditions. Considering this, the sports clothes are made with dri-fit technology fabric that has special moisture wicking properties. It does not allow sweat to adhere to the body, thereby keeping the athlete cool, dry and composed at all times. If the team logo, name of player, jersey number and other brand endorsements are screen printed on the sportswear, the purpose of dri-fit fabric gets lost as the print just blocks the fabric. In these cases, sublimation has proved to be of immense value as it maintains the integrity of the dri-fit fabric, no matter how large the print is.