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Overview About Dye Sublimation Machines With Dye Sublimation Printing(1)

In dye sublimation special dye sublimation inks are used to print the artwork onto a specific paper. The paper is placed on top of fabric or object in a heat press and is typically heated to 200C for around 1 minute. The heat converts the dye on the paper directly to a gas. The “fibres” of the fabric or film which have opened up under the heat absorb the dying gas. When it cools down the fibres close back up and the dye is locked into the fabric or film.

sublimation transfer paper
The key advantage of dye sublimation is the access to full colour reproduction and as this is a process of dying there is no print sitting on top of the fabric or object.Dye sublimation printing is gaining huge popularity in the textile industry. Every garment manufacturing unit is employing this technique owing to that fact that it offers long-lasting designs. The world has seen a fast pace development in the field of science & technology. This is another very miraculous invention of human beings that can offer amazing designs on the fabric.

sublimation transfer paper

What is dye sublimation printing technology?This is a question we should talk about before talking about sublimation machine.Sublimation printing is a basically a versatile digital printing technique in which the designs get directly imprinted from the computer to the fabric in order to offer durable designs.Due to rapid development in the information technology, the computers find tremendous usage in almost every industry. The garment & textile industry is no exception to this. Nowadays, the designers use computer comprehensively in order to create impressive designs. To print these designs, this digital printing technique is used.