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Sublimation Printing Process On Fabric,Polyester,Textile Digital Printing

Sublimation printing or heat transfer engineering (heat press) is the process of transferring an image of "sublimation paper" printed on sublimation printer and then embossed on the product by using machine sublimation thermal stress "heat press machine".

dye sub printing products

Sublimation printing process with dye sublimation ink,sublimation paper and dye sublimation printer takes a minimum, and the mold will remain forever. This process only requires a reasonable cost to make a mold and usually a business like this will get profits. Recently, the sublimation technique used to create a wide variety of goods such as t-shirts, mugs, puzzles, keychain, plate and so on according to customer requirements.
The printing process is very simple print run and a place in the market nowadays. Sublimation technique has its place in some industries, especially in the printing industry as a personal gift alternative production quickly. The sublimation technique can print a gift or other necessities to as low as one unit at a very competitive price. In addition, this sublimation technique can help the environment clean and safe nature makes it even makes health and the environment in a state reserved.

sublimation t shirt printing

In terms of the use of color on the product, the sublimation printing technique is far more interesting than other printing techniques. For this technique, the product can be printed with CMYK color (full color)And does not require a "block" such as silkscreen technique. Therefore, these products can be categorized as a premium product and can be marketed at a more favorable price.